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Audra is one of the most sought after teachers in Portland, Oregon. Enjoy two free weeks of community and connection with Audra and the Free Love crew.

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Free Love Yoga Taster Package - $18

Here it is, friends! Your introduction to everything Free Love Yoga. ♡ This package includes a favorite practice from each of our diverse group of skillful teachers. Take this first step into being free and in love, surrounded by the sweetest community.


More Than Just A Physical Practice

​​A daring and radical community. Come because we move, stay because we tell the truth, sing songs, tell our stories (that are also your stories), connect, make space, and invite all of you to show up. The vulnerability of the teachers, and the devotion of the community are unparalleled in the yoga and mindfulness world.

Free Love Yoga is a space devoted to potent physical and spiritual practices for the purpose of becoming free. We are here to support all of you.

<p><span style="color: #042240ff;" ><span class="font-bold">Seven Live Classes Each Week</span></span></p>

Seven Live Classes Each Week

Sharing is caring. Our schedule keeps the practices vibrant and alive.

<p><span style="color: #042240ff;" ><span class="font-bold">Stream Live or Watch Later</span></span></p>

Stream Live or Watch Later

Stream live, watch later, or take your favorite class again and again.

<p><span style="color: #042240ff;" ><span class="font-bold">11 Week Intro to Mindfulness Course</span></span></p>

11 Week Intro to Mindfulness Course

Included with every subscription.

<p><span style="color: #042240;" ><span class="font-bold">200+ Yoga, Mantra, and Meditation Videos</span></span></p>

200+ Yoga, Mantra, and Meditation Videos

Diverse teachers and a wide array of offerings.

<p><span style="color: #042240ff;" ><span class="font-bold">Find Your Community</span></span></p>

Find Your Community

Greater than the sum of our parts. Community and collaboration is the hub of the Free Love vision.


​​Enjoy live-stream and on-demand content designed specifically for this experience of being human. There’s something for every mood, every level, and every heart.

"It doesn’t matter how you show up on the mat feeling, when you step off of it, you are lighter, more empowered and reminded of your own strength and humanness. And more specifically, you are reminded of the beauty of that humanness — something that is not always easy to see, and yet the community and teachers of Free Love make that beauty undeniably, and often hilariously, clear. Free Love is a gift. I am more connected with myself and every weird, unique, human, spiritual part of who I am than ever before."

~ Sarah L.

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